Settling down in Japan was definitely a 2016 milestone. We wasted no time roaming Tokyo looking for people and places to shoot but this list features people that shoot the city on the regular. We aimed to recognize and highlight accounts with both high and low follower counts– prioritizing the feelings felt with their creative vision.

Here’s 10 of our favorite photographers in Japan to look out for on Instagram:

10. @KO_TA_S

When everything now seems to focus on being crisp and clean, @KO_TA_S’s feed is a reminder that blurry images are a big part of the process.


@YUSUKE_OISHI_MARCOMONK’s feed is easy-going and all about candid shots of groups of people.

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@ROBERTKIRSCH’s recent film shots and layout goes to show– we’re not the only ones hopping on the film bandwagon.

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Busy streets and long shots of the city with a beautiful color palette. @JIBESY’s shots are what come to mind when I think of sharp lines and detailed digital shots.

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@JIROKONAMI’s excellent use of color in his shots earns him a spot on this list. Also, if this list will prove anything, it’s that I really like portraits.


@TOSHIAKIKITAOKA’s use of brightness and interesting composition make for some great portrait shots.


Although this is another photographer focusing on close-ups and portraits, @BLUEBLUETAMMY’s feed is in a lot of ways indicative of the side of Tokyo that you wouldn’t see in a travel magazine.

A photo posted by Yoshiro Ishii (@446i) on

3. @446I

Similar to @JIBESY’s in that it’s crisp and clean, @446I’s got a bigger focus on people. I’ve never been a huge fan of architecture shots but the inclusion of people makes the shots feel more personable.


There’s a lot to unpack.

A photo posted by from sumida (@fromsumida) on


@FROMSUMIDA’s sunny shots are the closest portrayal of the Tokyo that I have experienced with my time there.

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