Of course I’d pick the worst fucking day of all to shoot.

November 1st might as well have been the worst day this season thus far to shoot a lookbook. Going into it, I knew I wanted it to be an overcast day. No sun just cloudy gray skies. Well, we did get that…along with chilling below 45 degree temperatures and (all puns always intended) steady rain throughout the whole morning and afternoon. Needless to say, the rain alone caused quite some mayhem for our photographers, their equipment, and of course to our models. (Hair game definitely had trouble stayin’ lit). Now you’re probably wondering why we didn’t check a weather report or something in advanced. The truth is, we did. We had known days ahead what the weather was going to be like. Sorta. Unfortunately for us, we had to go with Nov. 1st as it was the only day that worked with everyone’s schedule. And in retrospect, maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

This experience reminded me about the importance of people. Specifically, the people who support you on your come up. To recap, it was cold, cloudy, and rainy. We were on site at 10 am. We were running from one borough to another, shooting indoors and outdoors. We were changing outfits in the streets. Honestly it was absurd. Either wet or damp, everyone was at risk of getting pneumonia. Equipment could’ve seriously been damaged. (Did I mention it was for no pay?!) But no one walked off. Honestly I’m surprised no one said “fuck this” and easily bounced. I’d like to think it’s because everyone involved truly believes in STEADY, believes in me. However regardless, for whatever their reasons may have been I’m throughly grateful. Their support from this one day goes a long way.

And for that, I thank you all.

Here are some of my personal favorite moments courtesy of the homie; DIYANNA D.


L-S_5_900_03 L-S_5_900_01 L-S_5_900_02 L-S_5_900_0421L-S_5_900_05C L-S_5_900_05A1 L-S_5_900_06 L-S_5_900_06B1L-S_5_900_071 L-S_5_900_1031 L-S_5_900_08B1 L-S_5_900_093 L-S_5_900_09B1 L-S_5_900_10B1 L-S_5_900_11B


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