“The essentials of my life, but I’d trade my materials for peace of mind”. _KOOK

  1. Vans Old Skool Pro — The extra cushion on my feet helps with the impact of the weight on my shoulders.
  2. Sabbath T-shirt — Based on a true story.
  3. W.W.J.D Bracelet — We all believe in something.
  4. Supreme Ashtray — I just throw shit on here.
  5. Supreme Jesus Piece — Some have golden calves, not me.
  6. BAPE BAPEX Watch — Do not waste both of our times.
  7. iPhone 6/Undercover Case — I carry my idols in my pocket.
  8. Camel Crush Cigarettes — I have demons to fight.
  9. Tom Sachs’ BIC lighter — Fuel for the demons.
  10. Contax T3 — Helps me capture my Kafkaesque perspective on life.
  11. Kindle Paper White — I do not know how to stop myself from learning.

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