“… You pizza chip”._SANA

  1. Macbook Pro — My means of connecting with the world from my little place in SoCal.
  2. Wacom Tablet — Digital art is a thing I want to get better at.
  3. Watch — Reminder that ‘the time is now’.
  4. Deck of Cards — Texas Hold ‘Em for truths and dares.
  5. Olympus Stylus —  First point and shoot from my 青豆母.
  6. Contax T2 — Treasure_BrunoMars.mp3
  7. ‘Neon Cake’ by Shin Morae — Favorite artist at the moment; colorful images full of lonely feeling.
  8. ‘The Tao of Pooh’ by Benjamin Hoff — “Things may get a little odd at times, but they work out. You don’t have to try very hard to make them work out; you just let them.”
  9. Moleskine Mini — To keep all of my thoughts and doodles.
  10. Sakura Pens & Marker — To illustrate all said thoughts and doodles.
  11. Confetti Poppers — Never know when you need to celebrate a joyous moment. Spontaneity.
  12. Have A Good Time Boxers — Wink.

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