“Don’t call me the new guy, I’m not new to this.” _ADAM

  1. BAOHAUS Cap — I hope to be a based FOB one day.
  2. Nikon 50mm Lens — My favorite lens of all time, you’ll always catch me with it on my setup.
  3. Flyknits — Use ‘em at the gym, use ‘em to look fly (literally.)
  4. Hair Wax — Friends always clown me for taking an extra 5 minutes in the morning to get my hair styling straight.
  5. Muji Pens — Best pens to doodle on the side of your notes with, let’s be real.
  6. Long Socks — Don’t let the Clarks fool you, ya mans a 9-5 bandito.
  7. Wahl Electric Clippers — At least once a week I’ll get a hit up to cut a friends’ hair.
  8. Full Count Selvedge Jeans — I started wearing these when I started college. They’ve seen everything since then.
  9. Pack of Stickers — I’ve got a weird fascination for stickers.
  10. Passport — I don’t travel, I’m just notorious for not having any other form of legal ID.
  11. Dumbbell — Fuck my gym for closing up their doors without letting anyone know. #bellplaza
  12. FNO Sponsorship Form — My absolute #1 source of stress. Always struggling to catch sponsors for Flushing Night Out.

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