If you’ve been following us with sharp enough eyes then this guy needs no introduction. One of the two mysterious faces featured two seasons ago in our S/S 2015 Lookbook; we’re of course talking about one of the most down-to-earth dudes we know and good friend, GRAHAM REESE. With big names like PAPER Magazine, Moncler, and Sprayground already under his belt, we dialed it back with him to see how he and Sawyer — his dog, kick back on a cozy Saturday afternoon. This is GRAHAM FOR STEADY.

CAL: What up man, thanks again for having us over!
GRAHAM: Yea welcome! Come in, it’s madd cold.

CAL: So for the people who know you, and those who don’t — you’re a student, model, and dancer. How do you balance all of that? Is one more important than the others?
GRAHAM: Nah they’re all important to me. School’s chill. I wanna do it all so I take them all seriously.

CAL: Congrats again with your work with PAPER, how did that happen? And you modeling in general?
GRAHAM: Thanks dude, well they [PAPER] just contacted me (my agency) and yea, it just happened. I actually got randomly scouted (laughs.) In soho. I was like, 15-16 and some dude just asked me if I thought about modeling. I asked my dad to look over the contract and it looked pretty good so I did it.

CAL: You were in Fashion Week right? Is it all fun and parties like they say it is?
GRAHAM: Yea a little bit. A big part of it is about connections and who you know — which I go to, but I’m not really into it. Modeling itself is fun though which is why I like it.

CAL: Well doing what you do, how many DMs you get a week. Work and “not work related”?
GRAHAM: (laughs) Like 0.3. Wait…nah like 0.7!

CAL: Would you say you’re a “HOMEBODY”?
GRAHAM: Nah I’m rarely home. But I like being home when I am.


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