maybe we’ll look back
be embarrassed we
aired out our own laundry

it’s part of our story
for that alone it
should be told



In our last collection, ‘NOCCTERNUL‘ for SPRING/SUMMER 2015 we idealized the after hours.

In contrast to the routine lives we live during the day, at night we did whatever we wanted on our own terms. While others were throwing in the towel for a pillow, we kept it moving. We were building ourselves up and we felt empowered. But if omission is equal to guilt then we weren’t being honest.

No we didn’t break night every night. And no, every night wasn’t a high.

Like everyone does at some point we hit a solid wall. Influenced by what was said or rather wasn’t said about us, the numbers, and relationships, we became unsure of our vision. Midway through this collection we found ourselves running solely off discipline rather than motivation. Questioning our ambitions, time and time again we opted for the pillow.

Doubt and self-loathing came to replace desire and longing. We were giving up.

Everyone likes to wave the #SADBOYZ/SADGIRLZ flag around. However, we know that being truthfully “in ya feels” and vulnerable ain’t cool. Just saying the word “vulnerable” itself isn’t cool. But this is what’s true to us — and that is cool.

Like those 100 fact FB notes you wrote back in high school, maybe we’ll look back and be embarrassed we aired out our own laundry. But it’s part of our story. And that’s why we’re telling it.

They say you can’t connect the dots looking forward. Let’s hope this is all GOOD GRIEF in the end.

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