Go hard or go away.

A lot of people think New Yorkers are rude. Actually — everyone does. And you know what? It’s true. Sorta.

Unlike most other major cities in the world you see, living in New York isn’t exactly “comfortable”. The cost of survival is growing, the weather is bipolar, and the MTA is just all types of well…fucked. Perhaps not by choice but, to make it out here you grow to develop a real thick skin to it all. A real gruff, indifferent, impatient, FHO approach to everything, including people.

Aiming to capture that — our city’s one of a kind blasé attitude, we created the HOMETOWN strapback cap.

As Yohji Yamamoto once said “…black says this: “I don’t bother you — you don’t bother me”. So the next time someone stops you to ask which way Times Square is, just kindly tilt ya cap and let em know. “Noneya“.

It’s just our way of letting you know where we from iight?

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