OVERLOOKED — “…they don’t know about your stress filled days”.

To many of us, the coming of fall and winter represents a change. Consciously, (albeit maybe even subconsciously) it signals a time of starting anew, moving on. Echoing that, despite the initial excitement from our debut collection, it was time for us, too, at STEADY, to make a change as we slowly transitioned away from our first collection and into our second. And like the seasons themselves, we were then presented again with a blank canvas. A fresh start.

Beginning once again, we worked from the top down, as concept plays a large role at STEADY. From there, there were a number of avenues for us to go down. However, of them all, what struck us most was the idea of continuity. We wanted to explore what comes next in the journey. What’s next after a person’s decides to chase their passion, what comes after they “FIENDTHEDREAM”?

It was early on that we realized that we too are, in fact, in the trenches. That we too are at that same stage in our journey. It’s because of this that it only made sense for us to dive deeper into the concept. It felt natural as we were able to draw from experiences we’ve had thus far and throughout our lives as sources of inspiration. Of such, we recognized that this journey isn’t, in fact, all rainbows and unicorns — that, like all things, there’s a darker side. With this collection we explored a small fragment of that.

What does it means to be OVERLOOKED?
How does it feel to be OVERLOOKED?

To be OVERLOOKED is to be passed up. It’s the feeling of being misunderstood, underrated, and disregarded by others on the outside. When families, friends, fellow peers, and/or society are naysayers of you choosing to pursue what it is you love doing. The ones who tell you, you can’t. The ones who say you shouldn’t. The ones who always have this or that to say about it.

Through the pieces in this collection, we tried capturing these somber feelings. Having had dedication, perseverance, and talents brushed off and OVERLOOKED, this collection is us talking back.

Against all the looks and the stares, this collection is our reaction.

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