What’s up y’all!

First and foremost, thanks for checking out our blog, LOUD+STEADY! I’ve personally been really excited about getting this off the ground for some time now, and am happy it’s finally happening. Being that this is our first post, let’s get introductions out of the way. This can be our “first day of class let’s go around the room” type introduction. (Will try to keep it short. Ice breakers not included.) My name is Cal (Calvin), born and bred in NYC. I’m the BOSSMAN, Designer/Waterboy/guy who writes the tweets and Intern behind STEADY. I got a hand in it all. Whenever I’m not making coffee for the boss, I’m hashing away at the coming collection. Getting back to it though, this is something again, that I and the team (codenames: MURDAA, TEMPO, LOVEBUG, JMONEY, NEBZ, JMNZN, and new friends) have all been really wanting to do. (Damn name dropping already? #sorryactuallysorry).

While none of us have any honest blogging experience we’re excited (for the literal third time) about this because we now have the ability to communicate directly with you guys. Whether it’s to release any sneak peeks, behind the scenes stuff, or even just to write about our experiences and ideas we’re glad now to have our blog as a creative space to do so. Especially since we’ll all be writing here. That being said, I’ll keep it short n’ sweet for now. In the meantime, bookmark this! There’s plenty more to come. Till then, stay up!


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