From only having KEHLANI’s Soundcloud to play her tracks on my radio show to her being immediately available on iTunes with a full album— it really is CRZY to look at how far she’s come all on her own with full out talent. Here are the top 5 tracks I’ve been STEADY BUMPIN’ since it dropped:

Might just have to hit me up, on the late night. When it’s game time, I don’t play nice // I need you to hit me up, on my fake line. Hit that 6-9, yeah, that FaceTime

This song honestly just slaps. The guys will make fun of me because I can’t relate but I dig it regardless.

But when I say it’s hard to just side with you, it’s hard to confide in you // I want it with everything in me to one day just say that I ride with you

As someone who grew up with the heavy presence of absence, the lyrics in this song catch me on a level that’s hard for people to grasp because I will always give people 100% benefit of the doubt. I’m trusting— but that doesn’t mean I’m down for you. But once I am, I really am.

Cause I’m shy and just a little awkward but you bring it out of me

For myself with my latest infatuated feelings. But moreso the idea that the person you’re most intimate and romantically involved with is the one that knows a special side of you that no one else gets the chance to know. “All you, all yours.”

I need you to give me your time // I need you to not wanna be mine

The 2017 anthem for all the real ones out there getting theirs. To work on yourself while not hitting the pause button to focus on someone you vibe with; to be involved with someone who can be down with your busy lifestyle— with unconditional understanding— this song is that song.

At least I learned a thing or two about me and you // What we went through; it made me who I am

References back to ‘As I Am’ from her early work CLOUD19 and Lauryn Hill’s own ‘Piece of Mind’ convinced me immediately, and without hesitation, that this would land as my number one.

A firm belief in the idea that life is for learning and forgiveness; a person doesn’t define you as much as you think. They just contribute to the small passages that make up the encyclopedia series of who you are today. It’s up to you for just how much you’d like their part to last. At the end of the day, it’s always in your own hands. // “You said yourself you made me who I am, you told me that after you I would never love again. You made sure that I would lose myself so I wanna see I need no one else. … Tryna make sure that I forget the times that you made me think that I just couldn’t shine.”

Free your mind of the thought that you need someone to make something in your life possible. You do it for you.
And that message in this particular track helps me get along the most.

5 stars out of 5— meant for those who fuck with good vibes.

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