LOUD+STEADY was created with a goal in mind. What we wanted was a means to communicate with you guys, our supporters. A space where we speak our minds, tell our stories, and even try to pick your brains without any limitations. It’s been a few weeks now since LOUD+STEADY went live and so far, we’ve been loving it. Life is just easier without the “file size too big”-s or “over 160 character limit”-s. That being said, today we’d like to try something outta the box by introducing “STEADY BUMPIN’“! In less than a few words, STEADY BUMPIN’ will feature and cover all the music that we fux with. Heavy.

So to set things off, our first on our list is “URBAN DIABLOS” by the good homies MOOSE and (STEADY FAM) ACE BANDITO. Of course ’cause of biases, I’ve had this track on repeat for the last few days. Though not to be confused, this feature isn’t some nepotistic “I’m putting my friends on” move. They don’t need that. It’s more of the loud and proud screaming soccer dad type way. You know?

It was actually around the same time as when I first begun to dream about creating STEADY, when these two guys told me about their rap aspirations. In our college staircase, I’ve heard them kick a few bars here, little verses there, but, nothing feels as crazy as hearing a finished product and seeing them perform. I’m proud of them and the moves they’re making. And while I could certainly say more, I think I’ll let them do the talking.

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