New year, new shit am I right?

2015 is here! While 2014 may have been a bit of a bust to some, needless to say it was a huge year for us! We dropped our first ever collections for SUMMER andFALL/WINTER, met some amazing people, and not to mention, started this sweet blog as well. That being said, with those experiences tucked under our belt we’re now more fired up than ever to do new and even greater things this year.

To start that off, a few weeks back the fam Nelle (JMNZN) and I hit the ground running (literally; well more of a walk) with a street crawl of the Delancy and Essex area. We both hadn’t spent as much time as a trains transfer there before so we decided to check it out. Aside from trying to take some bangin’ flex-worthy pics, we really wanted to explore the area and despite still being within the bounds of NYC, see how the people there were living. Perhaps catch us some inspiration along the way too.

To be honest I initially I didn’t have any direction planned out to navigate. Just thought I’d take home the sights and a few cool pics, which of course, is the beauty of a street crawl. However, in conversation Nelle brought up Daido Moriyama. Which as he described, is a Japanese photographer most known for his style/approach to black and white photography. He mentioned he wanted to experiment with Moriyama’s style of high contrasts and rich blacks. He then suggested that I too should try to shoot with something in mind. He offered the thought of a human element — shooting in a way that gives a human element to the subject of my photos. Something that tells a story. On top of that, he suggested using Adobe Lightroom for post-production. (Which prior to that, always held my impression of it just being a quick photo editor.) Having all that been said I thought, sure why the heck not. “New year, new shit am I right?”

3. (even a tried a little MORIYAMA myself)

Three new things to get the year going. Here’s some of the best cuts:


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