Our chief mantra is to go for what you want in life. Sometimes that requires trying new things. So to put our money where our mouth is, we’re going to literally, put our money where our mouth is. Each month we’ll be eating an entirely new dish to us and letting y’all know how we feel. “STEADY BITES” we out!

WHY: So I was on a date with this girl I met on EastMeetsEast, and she was telling me about how she never had NAENGMYEON before. I was like “Word? I live near Murray Hill aka actual K-Town, so leggo.”


For those of y’all that don’t know what it is, NAENGMYEON’s a Korean cold buckwheat noodle dish served in a vinegary broth. This restaurants version came topped with a hardboiled egg and a variety of pickled vegetables.STEADY_BITES_01-2

IMPRESSIONS: Straight nostalgia. My mom used to make Zaru Soba when I was a kid and this felt like a spicier rendition of it. My only criticism: the overdone hardboiled egg and scrapped-cooler looking ice cubes.

That aside, I’d say the NAENGMYEON did it’s job as a summertime specialty. The noodles were al-dente and the sourness of the broth really helped cut through the thick grogginess of the day’s air and heat. The entire meal felt fresh. The only thing missing was the unavailable watermelon sawa to wash it all down.

From worst to best, here’s the rating breakdown:

  • Hard Pass.” — Needs no explaining.
  • Blue Balls.” — Was excited for this, but.
  • Nothing to Write Home About.” — It’s ok.
  • I’d Put it on Snapchat.” — Add me!
  • DANK.” — Oh shit whaddup!

VERDICT: “I’d Put it on Snapchat.”

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