“Yo dude, should I stay in school?
Even if it’s got nothing to do with my future?
I don’t know man…I just feel like I’m wasting my time.”

Yo we talk about this all the time. In fact, it’s actually something that we’ve mulled over a lot. And the simple answer is, there is no simple answer.

Public education systems are curriculum-based. Meant to be widely digestible to the masses. They’re homogenous. The problem? People aren’t. It works for some people, it doesn’t work for everyone. If you’re lucky, your interests on the curriculum, if you’re luckier, it’s being taught the way that works for you.

If I had to pose a suggestion though? Stay in school. But before y’all label me an Edward Snowden let me put you on some truth: A college degree just ain’t what it used to be.

Unless you’re gunning to be the next open-heart surgeon who does accounting on the side and is also a part-time astrophysicist contending for a Nobel prize, your GPA doesn’t really matter too much either.

So then why stay in school?

***If you’re the person that already has it all mapped out then you done here. Godspeed!
***If you’re still on the fence, proceed!

I’m a college graduate. (Not to be taken as any serious badge of honor or authority) but, what I can say is that there are takeaways. Those being, handling deadlines, having a standard, thinking critically, and most importantly, the people you’re going to meet.

Think about the idea of writing a paper.

10 pages, double spaced.
About edible fungus.
Upload to Blackboard by 5 pm Monday.

This Monday? Yeah, definitely not lit, but that shits important. Check it.

Post grad or in “real life” as they call it, there’s no professors or papers to hound you. But to accomplish anything successfully you’ve got to be your own professor.

“You gotta hold yourself to your own deadlines and to your own gold standard of doing things.”

Its easy to coast through 45 minute sermons in high school. Now college? Those are unbearable. It may not feel like time well spent but, situations where you’ll be constantly questioned and challenged to take the time out and think critically about things beyond a surface level.

Know how to change gears and maneuver like and unlike others when needed. Cause you know, nothing ever goes according to plan.

And lastly, the people. The people!

They’re the best part. They’ll stick with you. Except when they don’t.

Yeah there’s gonna be the guy who hits you up 4PM Eastern Blackboard time cause he just wants to “see” what you did. Real class act bro. Or that girl who wanted to get a better view of your paper. (Jokes on her though). Or those guys who came through to show love for your brand.

Real people who are down and fuck with what you’re doing. People can become more than classmates and whose influence and support can transcend the four walls of the campus. Minus that dude you met at orientation — no you guys will never “chill sometime.”

I was on the attendance list of a buncha classes that I wanted nothing to do with but it didn’t matter. At the end of the day, it was at school where I met the people I did that shared my interests, and who would come to support me in goals.

Wrapping up — If your heart is set, keep grinding! If not, stay in school.

It’s like leg-day at the gym. Not entirely necessary, but, it does the mind and body good.

*Image courtesy of J.Z.


Definitely agree with this article man, but this makes me think it’d be cool if people just had a spot they could kick it at, like school, minus the classes, just as a way for people to network ya know.


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