So late, so tireless
So unforgiving, so early

But what we do,

We do it for the city
We do it for ourselves

We’re what you call


NOCCTERNUL — We’re all multifaceted people.

Constantly caught between being here or there, good or bad, right or wrong, there’s two sides to everything and everyone. No differently, it was whilst approaching this latest collection that we found ourselves fixated between that of two polar ends as well — caught between that of day and that of night.

Ruled by the hours of the day, obligations of 9-5 work (and school for some) unforgivingly restrain and define who we are. We’re told where we have to be. We’re told how to act, what we have to do, and when to do it — to lay low, blend in, and don’t rock the boat. However, come nightfall, that all changes. We become something of another.

Like that of a hometown hero vigilante,

After dark is when individuals like us speak because we choose to.
After dark is when individuals like us act because we choose to.
When individuals like us move tirelessly through the hours because we believe in what we’re set out to do.

It’s then, when individuals like us define who we truly are for ourselves.
When individuals like us become who it is we want to become.

In the hours that are neither late nor early, it’s then, when we become NOCCTERNUL.

Drawing from our city and our desire to make change, this collection explores these “dual-ing” personas.

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