Bout damn time!

Long overdue but the kid finally got himself over to the Queens Night Market! And, might I add, ain’t no better way to kick off ‘STEADY BITES‘ than in our own hood, The 7 (Queens, get tha money)!

Arriving about an hour into the festivities, the scene immediately epitomized the summer nights feels. Crowds of friends, family, and strangers like myself just chillin’ out, wandered amidst the colorfully loud food stalls and their aromas. Everyone of which, both vendors and customers, were friendly and bearing smiles. #VERYRVRE in NYC.

What caught my eyes (or nose maybe?) right away was this: The Teinei Ya stall grillin’ up a few Japanese snacks towards the back.

On their two huge iron griddles they they offered up skewered pork belly and okonomiyaki along with some other desserts. Let me let you in on some game right here — I BEEN FUCKING LOVE PORK BELLY. (Since like Y2K). It’s 2K15 guys, if y’all are still wavin’ around bacon on a pedestal y’all really don’t know what’s good! Fatty yes, but the taste was so UMAMI I almost shouted it out loud. Please don’t ask about my cholesterol.

Next up: Inti Sumaq doin’ it Peruvian.

As I continued to walk around I saw a bunch of people with tiny styrofoam bowls in hand. They lead me here. I’ve heard a ton of great things about Peruvian food for example, about how their food is so good they have over 400+ national dishes. It’s so good they just can’t choose! However, the people of the night market spoke that night and I had to go with the ceviche — which I’ve never had. Having just had something oily, the lime juice along with the coldness of the ceviche really helped to cut through and refresh my mouth/palette, while simultaneously packing bold favors.

To wash it all down: TEAUS.

Being from the 7 I’m no stranger to TEAUS. Over about a year or two ago, the drink spot opened their first doors in Flushing, bombarding everyone’s IG feed with their cool glass/cork bottles in the process. Their signature drink is their rose milk tea — which I have had once before. Floral yet not tasting like a Bath & Body Works’ signature soap, the tea is creamy yet light. Really nice to end a meal on.

I’ve been wanting to come out to one of these ever since I heard they were happening however, for nine weeks straight I’ve been sidetracked. It was great to be able to come out to both see and support other small come-ups from our hometown. Needless to say, I’m throughly pleased I made time to come out and I will continue to do so in the weeks ahead. Definitely worth checking out before the summer closes!

*Picture courtesy of Queens Night Market.

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