After combing through what felt like months of 1-800-HOTLINE-memes, everyone’s favorite love-hate Canadian is back with his 4th studio album. Here’s the top 5 6IX rundown:

I might see you on and off but I’ll never switch ya // N*ggas quick to double cross like both of us Christian

This was too easy.

Baby I like your style

Alright I got myself looking like a fool for saying this but yes, this is #5. Ask anyone when the single dropped, I was out here dragging it through the mud. I believe my exact words describing it were “straight trash.” But having listened to this tape on loop in preparation for this, I caught the bug. It’s too fucking catchy. I’m eating my words as I’m combing the internets for a remix.

You a real ass woman and I like it

Like “VIEWS”, “FIRE & DESIRE” also opens with another classic 90’s RnB sample (by Brandy in this case) which, as a product of that era, I’m predisposed to like. As explained by DRIZZY himself in his Zane Lowe interview, the top and tail ends of this album (which this track falls in) were meant to embody the feelings of cold winters in the 6IX. But despite it not being Canadian goose weather here in the states, I kept coming back to this one on the colder days of this week. I wish he dropped a real verse on it though.

That pussy knows me better than I know myself” /
My friend’s chain so big that he look like the artist” /
On some DMX shit, I group DM my exes

It’s a three-way tie for third!

It’s rainin’ money, Oklahoma City Thunder // The most successful rapper 35 and under

Vibe-wise, “WESTON ROAD FLOWS” is honestly not to far from “FIRE & DESIRE” with both being melancholy melodic and easy to bump to. What is different is the presence of bars on this. You can just picture him (not running), but driving slowly through his town as this plays. His subtle braggadocio is welcomed as usual. It’s chill after all. It’s just the kinda boost us non-Toronto based gods need to help us through a tough morning commute.

1. 9
And I turn the six upside down // it’s a nine now

I’ll concede I was dumb slow to this. We know all about the “6” but “9”? Looking at the early tracklist reveal I knew something was up with this one. And then 1:28 into it he says it. “I turned the…” Mind blown. Like I said, dumb slow.

What makes this one the best is that DRIZZY comes with the same level of confidence, bravado, and bars that he displayed in IF YOU’RE READING THIS IT’S TOO LATE. The track doesn’t come off as a throwaway B-Side from the mixtape primarily thanks to 40 on the beat. The arpeggio synth loop keeps generally lo-fi sound fresh. Besides who doesn’t want some IF YOU’RE READING THIS IT’S TOO LATE 2?! Don’t front.

Arguably the best word to describe this album is “lackluster.” Again, I can’t say that VIEWS is a B-side to his last mixtape simply because it’s not. Thanks to 40 and the few other producers on this it’s amazing, instrumentally. It’s shortcomings were definitely due to DRAKE. Lyrically, the subject matter from track to track isn’t much different. In true DRAKE fashion he of course delivers a ton of good quote-ables but whether it was his overall energy or perhaps the scarcity of bars, it just feels like it’s missing something vital to take it from an ok tape to a great one. As a proud fan I’m split on this one. That said, those are just my personal… VIEWS!

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