Ever since he said “Let’s do a good ass job with Chance 3”, CHANCE has had everyone on their tippy toes for this mixtape. But the wait is over. Here’s my favorite cuts off of COLORING BOOK:

Hit that intro with Kanye and sound like Andre

After Kanye’s tweet about CHANCE delaying TLOP, I suspected something cooking between the two of them. And they didn’t disappoint! This entree intro with the additional feature of the Chicago Children’s Choir is made complete with blaring trumpets. Both of which, fit oh-so-well with CHANCE’s Jazz and Rap fusion style. The track pays homage to CHANCE’s hometown while setting the tone for the rest of the tape.

‘Til I found out all the shawdy’s with cooties was cute // and realized what booties can do

“JUKE JAM” hit me right in the nostalgia feels. Out of everyone on the team, I’m the youngest; so this was an easy one to relate to. CHANCE raps about an innocent relationship he had at an age before sexual intimacy was important, something I experienced less than a decade ago. His second verse fast forwards his story, going on to explain complexities of a more “mature” relationship.

Bieber is the cherry-on-top hitting you with the “maybe we were meant to be” line, just in case you weren’t already thinking about that one guy/girl you’re “it’s complicated” with. This one is vibes cause yo, sometimes we all just want to go back to a time where everything was carefree and not have to worry about adult shit.

I don’t make songs for free, I make ’em for freedom

I’ll be honest, some of CHANCE’s work on this album is a little God heavy for me but, this one was different and broke through my atheist blockade. It’s even become my new wake-up alarm. It wasn’t the parts about God I gravitated to rather, how eloquently he touched on his daughter and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Low-key, I’m a huge anime dork (but I’m part Japanese so free pass?!), so when CHANCE referenced DBZ: “Dying laughing with Krillin saying something ‘bout blonde hair” to allude towards white society changing the racial perception of Jesus, it was instantly a hit to me. I thought “BLESSINGS” was just preaching to the choir at first but the use of religious history to mirror what’s happening now: systematic racial injustice is genius. Guess we never really learned from history.

If one more label try to stop me

“ANGELS” was originally my #2 was but after I figured that was a cop-out, (cause who doesn’t like it), and was told by my good friend that “NO PROBLEM” was their favorite overall I gave it a second listen. Still not my #1 but I’ll give it’s up there. I’ve been bumpin’ it whenever I’m in a good ass mood and not giving a fuck. Even though the track is a radio turn up song, it serves as a testament that CHANCE is versatile enough and needs no labels to make fire music.

You should use your phone, call a Uber // You goofy if you think I don’t know you need a Lyft

Cal was the first person to say anything about this one but, we’ve got some contrasting musical interests so my initial reaction (before listening) was “nah, I’m good.” After a quick listen and ridin’ out to the “KING KUNTA”-esque groove, this hit the top.

“ALL NIGHT” is a more of a humbled version of Kanye’s “REAL FRIENDS”. Why is everyone asking him for shit when homie just trying to enjoy his success? The track is the blueprint to how you can flex without coming off like a Kanye-first-world-problems idiot, well done CHANCE.

I was stupid enough to buy 10 huge COLORING BOOK posters before the tape came out not realizing that the tape might’ve been bad. Cal told me I’d have to print and frame a huge “L” if that was the case. Thankfully, my faith in this wasn’t unrequited. Dodged the “L”.

For me, this tape doesn’t exactly match up to ACID RAP in overall quality but it does have it’s share of highlights. Lyrically, the tape is incredibly strong to where, much like Kendrick’s TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY, it might actually turn some people off. CHANCE was also able shed light on what’s important to him such as his hometown, gang issues, and his troubles with fame. In an industry where auto-tuned bullshit has been topping rap and hip-hop charts, COLORING BOOK is a breath of fresh air. I’d consider this a “W” for him.


Good review Adam, articulate and concise. Minor typos/grammatical errors. Although I disagree with your #1, the other 4 are fair. You’re very right, the tape is pretty religious/god heavy. Nothing wrong with that, just not for everyone. Solid review tho. I just hope you’ll “soowoo” me in the sheets sometime bb 😉


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